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Our History

THE Doyle Family have been serving fresh local seafood for over five generations, and have built our name on the produce our fishermen catch. We still use old fashioned methods; our fish caught mostly by hand line and iced on the boat.

THE family business was started by Alice Doyle’s great grandparents, who settled in Watson’s Bay in the early 1800’s. The two built a hut on the site of the present Doyles on the Beach Restaurant and sold fish there. Later, they opened a small eating room to sell their cooked catch.

DURING the Depression (along with a lot of other businesses), they nearly lost everything. When Alice’s late husband, Jack, returned from the war, he and Alice re-opened the dining room and gradually built what is now Doyles today. Alice’s legacy continues today with immediate family working in every aspect of the Doyles business and continuing to operate the restaurants.